KBS Coatings

Next Level Motorsports is Arizona's premiere authorized dealer for KBS Coatings, a company founded in the heartland of America by personnel with over 85 years of experience in coatings formulation, manufacturing, and distribution. They've combined this unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities in addressing the coatings requirements across all industries.

KBS Coatings has developed worldwide success and is now available in 10+ countries and continues to gain popularity and is quickly becoming the standard by which all other rust coatings are judged.

  • Products are manufactured in the USA and offer permanent results.
  • Leader in rust prevention solutions.
  • Products include KBS Klean, RustBlast, RustSeal, Rust Prevention Kits, Cavity Coater, Fusion Self-Etch Primer, BlackTop, KBS MAXX, DiamondFinish Clear, Motor Coater, XTC - Xtreme Temperature Coating, Tank Sealer, Tank Sealer Kits, KBS Strip, NuMetal Epoxy Putty, Disposable Gloves and Accessories.

Browse their catalogue and call Next Level Motorsports with your next KBS order; we have a limited supply of items in-stock. Ordered item(s) can be shipped to our store or directly to your door. Need help? Call us for a free consultation on which product is best for your unique project.